The main reason for this is obvious: it gets hot in this part of the country. Overseeding a lawn means planting grass seed directly into your existing grass. Also, aeration helps in removing any buildup of thatch.  FERTILIZERS It will make your work easier and will dethatch the grass quicker. The drought and high heat performance of these types of grass are another major factor. inches) and rake / vacuum the debris. LAWN QUESTIONS YOU NEED ANSWERED? When to Overseed. But if you’re dethatching centipede grass in a larger area using a vertical mower. This grass is also easy to maintain and a favorite for many homeowners and gardeners in the southern parts of the US. Wildlife Seeds, EARTHWAY To do this you can mow the existing lawn down fairly low (1 inch / 1.25 inches) and rake / vacuum the debris. I must say that we are spoiled here on the Gulf Coast. It is recommended to water the lawn in the wee hours of the morning. per 1,000 square. HAVE Pennington Centipede Grass Seed & Mulch includes a natural mulch product that improves spreadability and encourages germination by retaining moisture. rake out cores prior to planting. Besides, centipede grass is easier to maintain, unlike other types of grass. Dethatching by verticutting or aerifying will assist overseeding heavily thatched lawns. Questions about Centipede Grass asked by other gardeners. | Diseases Pennspeed ONLINE  |  Just follow the simple steps above to overseed for a thicker lawn. | Pests Overseeding St. Augustine grass produces a denser lawn and is generally needed for older lawns that have bare areas. Centipede Grass Growth-Related Problems and Ways to Prevent Them. almost any time of the year (even winter) seeding. After getting rid of the weeds, dethatching, and readying the fescues seeds, the next step is to aerate the lawn. Seeding new lawns and overseeding thin lawns are best done in spring, as active growth kicks in. One pound covers 2,000 to 4,000 square CENTIPEDE NOTE: Grasses Aerated soil has two vital gases (oxygen & carbon dioxide), which are needed by the fescues seeds to germinate. See past videos on good cultivating practices for centipede grass. First mow or scalp the lawn as indicated Centipede But to prepare for overseeding, reduce that height to 1.5 to 2 inches. It is an ideal grass for lawns and does well in warmer climates. If you need your centipede grass to spread and need it to spread quickly, you can always try a bit of overseeding. (To make the existing centipede lawns thicker), Centi-Seed can be planted FERTILIZER method would be to rent a slit seeds and surface of the lawn to bring some soil to Pasture & SPREADERS,