a stunning insight. Sentence example with the word 'insight' insight a priori knowledge, appreciation, cogency, discernment, immediate cognition, intuitivism, mindfulness, percipience, providence, sapience, sixth sense, wisdom Definition n. clear or deep perception of a situation Last update: June 21, 2015 plaintiff attorneys offer insight into their unique views of the medical malpractice system. It appals the reader with its irregularity of treatment, its variations of style, and its abrupt transitions from the spiritual to the crude and trivial, and from superstition to the purest insight. profundity of such experiences modern neuroscience has provided a significant degree of insight into their nature. You can therefore benefit from their insight and experience and find happiness in your life to replace your anger. unique insight into the daily life of a Roman soldier based on Hadrian's Wall. It's difficult to see consumer insight in a sentence. But the weakness is more than a dogmatic one; it is one of religious experience, as the source of spiritual insight. no-brainer action flick to a more intelligent insight into coping with anger and the monster within. And so too with the following great prophets; the important thing in their work was not their moral earnestness and not their specific predictions of future events, but the clearness of spiritual insight with which they read the spiritual significance of the signs of the time and interpreted the movements of history as proofs of Yahweh's actual moral sovereignty exercised over Israel. Joanna Schlip, makeup artist to some of Hollywood's finest, gave LTK some exclusive insight on everything from how she got started in the industry to how she keeps her smile sparkling and bright! The letter in which he discloses his misery to this kind and thoughtful man gives a real insight into his character. It also provides insight into the processes relating to the administration of NRT in the context of cessation interventions. CK 1 1933577 I appreciate your insights . forgeforging key partnerships with leading players in its chosen markets, IMP gains valuable insight into each market sector. instrumental phonetics is about using instruments (in particular, visual representations of phonetic phenomena) to gain insight in speech. The Hyuga clan have special mental, physical, and emotional insight; they can see into their opponents' souls. The history of the wedding dress is rich with insight and color. But no carefully devised calculus can take the place of insight, observation and experience. Predicate logic provides remarkable insight into these questions by providing a precise formalism capable of expressing all ordinary mathematics. Or philosophic theology may penetrate to an abstract conception of deity, like the Babylonian 'iluth, or the Vedic devatva and asuratva; and some seer may have the courage and insight to formulate the principle that " the great asuratva of the devas is one " (R. And the founder who enters history with an impressive personality can only do his work through the response made to him by the insight and feeling of his time. Ideological bias: Economists are often seen as conservative ideologues, and critics discount their policy recommendations as products of zealotry rather than insight. 🔊 Throughout the psychiatric medication trial, the subjects are frequently interviewed to gain insight on the effectiveness of the drugs. 11. This will likely not ever be perfect, but any insight it can offer us is a gain. Rhodes c. 185 B.C., a citizen of the most flourishing of Greek states and almost the only one which yet retained vigour and freedom, Panaetius lived for years in the house of Scipio Africanus the younger at Rome, accompanied him on embassies and campaigns, and was perhaps the first Greek who in a private capacity had any insight into the working of the Roman state or the character of its citizens.